Our Approach

We use software approach to increase the accuracy of pin-pointing the location of the cell instead of the high cost hardware setup. The procedure to isolating the single cell is easy to carry out on bench and the viability of the cell is very high. As long as you could see the cell under the microscope, even only very rare event, you can isolate it.

Our Story

Enrich Therapeutics established in July 2018 and develops novel single live cell isolation platform, different from existing flow/fluidics based technologies, our platform can work on adherent cells as well as all nonideal cell samples, i.e. partially digested, clumpy or less plentiful samples. Basically, if you can see it under a microscope, we can capture it alive.

Enrich technology aims to provide game-changing life science tool to our single cell researchers for significant improvement of scalability and affordability in many applications, such as antibody drug discovery, NGS and CAR-T immunotherapy, etc.

Next Steps...

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